Beyond the New Features – The Real Benefits of SharePoint Migration

  |  March 16, 2017

From controlling costs to increasing security, there are many benefits of SharePoint cloud migration. Whatever version you move to, SharePoint will help your people collaborate more effectively and be more productive in a more secure environment.

Moving to the latest SharePoint version comes with many built-in benefits. Your organization will acquire the modern security tools and protections included in the newest releases. Your organization will gain the advantages of a more cloud-oriented environment, making it easier for engineers to access the SharePoint farm and stay up to date on fixes.

For many organizations, data storage can be a burden. Maintaining large server farms means housing and supporting dedicated servers and paying for the extra space. In a SharePoint Cloud environment, you only pay for the space you use, saving your organization money.

Controlling costs, increasing security, and staying current are just some of the direct benefits of SharePoint migration – simply preparing for the migration effort brings its own benefits. Under the right guidance, the planning and assessment process itself can create efficiencies. A well-trained team can identify and eliminate orphan databases and excess resources that are no longer used, freeing up dedicated engineers to support priority areas.

Ensuring a seamless transition requires a steady hand. Again, the preparation phase is key. Here, an experienced team will thoroughly assess the existing environment, providing important preparation using industry-leading scripts and tools. This is the best way prevent SharePoint resources failing at a critical time during the migration.

Migrating to the latest version of SharePoint, or even just upgrading, can provide a host of benefits for the user community. Just as importantly, it can provide a range of benefits to the organization itself, from cost control to better security, to seamless access to important resources. By leveraging an expert team that can do a thoughtful and thorough job of assessment, you too can experience the full benefits of SharePoint migration.


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