What are PMO Responsibilities for Strategic Guidance?

  |  December 14, 2016

In addition to driving greater efficiencies and controls at the project level, an effective Project Management Office (PMO) provides a range of more strategic benefits to management, including insights and guidance at the programmatic level. Implemented correctly, PMO responsibilities can include providing transparency into the entire portfolio of projects underway in an organization — tracking,... Read More

Optimizing Your Agency’s SharePoint Benefits

  |  November 16, 2016

The typical government agency has invested significant resources in SharePoint — not only in purchasing software, licensing, infrastructure, and training, but also in the time and effort its user community has spent customizing the SharePoint environment, hiring vendors to build custom SharePoint solutions, and so on. Unfortunately, many end users tend to think of SharePoint... Read More

Ensuring Data Integrity — Before and After the Migration

  |  November 9, 2016

One of the most crucial aspects of successful data migration is ensuring the data integrity at both ends of the migration process. For data residing in the legacy system, far too many agencies tend to underestimate the amount of inaccuracies, discrepancies, and conflicts that exist. Some older database technologies are remarkably lenient about enforcing rules... Read More