How Metadata Management Can Accelerate Data Migration

  |  October 5, 2016

Some of the biggest challenges facing an organization that seeks to migrate its data are the large volumes of data residing in the legacy system, and the data’s inconsistent structure and quality. Typically, the data must be assessed, cleaned, or otherwise transformed before it can be moved. Even more challenging, the older data repositories may... Read More

Data Migration Best Practices for Reducing Infrastructure Costs

  |  September 29, 2016

The potential costs of data migration generally fall into several categories, including commercial off the shelf (COTS) tools, server infrastructure, software development, and consultation with technology partners. And all that’s on top of the costs associated with acquiring and deploying the new operating platform that you’re migrating to. This can be a frustrating and expensive... Read More

The Three Biggest Challenges in the Data Migration Process

  |  August 16, 2016

Every organization encounters the problem of moving large amounts of information from older systems and legacy platforms to more cost effective, modernized solutions. Managing a data migration process can be an extremely complex endeavor that presents a broad (and relatively consistent) set of challenges including the data itself, the platforms, and planning/execution. These challenges underscore... Read More