Making the Case: Insider Threat Program Development and Implementation; Part II: Designing Your Program

  |  April 12, 2017

  Designing and pitching an Insider Threat Program that meets the needs of your business can be challenging. It means knowing your organizational security environment, knowing your gaps, and making the case to the key stakeholders. Following this guide will help you to develop a successful business case for implementing an Insider Threat Program at... Read More

Beyond the New Features – The Real Benefits of SharePoint Migration

  |  March 16, 2017

From controlling costs to increasing security, there are many benefits of SharePoint cloud migration. Whatever version you move to, SharePoint will help your people collaborate more effectively and be more productive in a more secure environment. Moving to the latest SharePoint version comes with many built-in benefits. Your organization will acquire the modern security tools... Read More

Making the Case: Insider Threat Program Development & Implementation; Part I: Overview

  |  February 22, 2017

For years, organizations have focused on building impregnable network perimeters to keep outsiders out. The rise of virtual technology, outsourcing, and globalization[1] have all seriously undermined this perimeter and exposed our vulnerability to Insider Threats. An Insider Threat is a current or former employee, contractor, or other business partner who 1) has or had authorized... Read More